Application Security Testing


Today, website has become most powerful and easiest way of doing business on Internet.

Internet Banking, online transactions, usage of credit card and other sensitive information such as username and password for accessing the website can poised a security threat such as credit card being misused, username/password being hacked and all of sudden the bank balance becomes '0'

Information Security is highly ignored area but would cost millions of dollars, reputation and a big threat to Intellectual Property (IP).

Application Security Testing - Your Guard for Safe and Secure Online Presence

Application Security Testing is used for detecting security loopholes in the application which help companies to make their application more secure and hard to break.

Most of the companies and end user consider that VeriSign Logo on the website guarantees that the site is safe and secured. VeriSign Logo on the website only implies that it has verified the company's existence and creditworthiness. It also implies that sensitive information such as username/password; credit card etc that is transmitted to the server is encrypted so anyone who sniffs the data is unable retrieve the correct information.

Application Security Testing involves Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) which actually detect and exploit security threat such as Cross-Site Scripting, Session Hijacking, SQL injection etc that helps the hackers to gain unauthorized access.


- Proactive protection of information assets against hacking and unauthorized intrusion

- Provides hacker's eye view of the web application

- Prevents from any unexpected losses or nightmares

- Improves overall image and goodwill among clients, shareholders and investors

Our Expertise

We have a dedicated team of security professionals that has vast experience in working with various security tools such as NMap, Nessus, IBM AppScan, WebScarab etc and exploring common and uncommon techniques to detect the security loopholes. We also provide guideline and preventive measures to combat security threats

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Service Offerings

-/+Information Disclosure
Directory Indexing
Information Leakage
Path Traversal
OS and Web Server Version
Content Spoofing
Cross -Site Scripting
HTTP Response Splitting
Bruce Force
Weak Password Recovery
Cross-Site Request Forgery
Command Execution
Buffer Overflow
Format String Attack
LDAP Injection
OS Commanding
SQL Injection
SSI Injection
Session Hijacking
XPath Injection and many more ...