"ASLINDIA" is a well-known financial consulting company that provides Portfolio Management Services (PMS) by diversifying client investment on varied financial products such as mutual fund, stocks, insurance etc that generates wealth for every rupee invested.

"I really appreciate the support & the solution we got from Qualisoft a web based solution to interact with the customers."

Darsh Consultancy Services

Darsh Consultancy Services is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It meets business needs by providing IT Enabled Services and Solution.

"You did a wonderful job on this setup. I am extremely pleased that you were able to figure out several items without any training. Thanks for the good work."

Fairdeal Agency

Fairdeal Agency is a Mumbai based company supplying electronic appliances / works for under construction sites like Buildings, offices, etc. The only company providing all type of electrical works to its customers.

"Your testing service is too good!! It has found out critical bugs that were not anticipated previously and has safeguarded us from huge loss."

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