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Why Qualisoft
Ethical Hacking


In 21st century, Information Security and privacy on the Internet are critical issues in our society. We are living in the world of networks, website and emails that has become the backbone of Information Technology.

Due to growing security concerns, service provider such as banks, companies and colleges are looking for security professionals for securing their networks and website to perform safe and secure Internet Banking or e-commerce transactions.


Ethical Hacking Course (EHC) aims at building your career as a Security Professionals who are well-trained in determining the security loopholes in networks, website and email.

It has estimated that most of the companies would recruit Security Professionals for securing their infrastructure thus winning customer confidence to perform secure transaction without any security concerns. So don't wait, jump to a new future and create your own destiny that promises a bright and shinning career.

Our Experience

The training would be conducted by IT Professionals having 7-10 years of experience in IT Industry who has skill set in determining security loopholes and provide valuable suggestion for security it.

Input Validation (Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Session Hijacking)
Denial of Service (DOS)
Password Cracking
Buffer Overflow
Identity Attack
Social Engineering Attack
Instant Messenger
Vulnerability Assessme
Security Tools