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Why Qualisoft

International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB)


In this competitive world it is important to stay ahead and mark your presence by acclaiming Internal Certification for Software Testing.

ISTQB is one the most prestigious certification and an admit card for you to enter the doors of many IT Companies who has made this certification mandatory for Software Testing Professional.


International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) based in UK is a non-profit organization with a vision to promote testing as a profession by developing common body of knowledge and best practices about testing

It conducts two levels of exams: Foundation and Advance which accredits Software Tester with the certification that has a global value with an opportunity to make a quantum leap in their career


ISTQB does not proposes any pre-requisite, but to enroll for the prep course there would be a test conducted to determine your current level of knowledge and the areas for improvement.

Our Experience

The training would be conducted by ISTQB Certified Professionals having 7-10 years of experience in IT Industry who would provide you with practical approach in clearing ISTQB Foundation Exam.

Principles of Software Testing
Why is testing necessary
What is testing
General testing principles
Fundamental test process
Objective/Scenario-Based Sample Questions
Testing throughout the life cycle
Software development models
Test levels
Test types: the targets of testing
Maintenance testing
Objective/Scenario-Based Sample Questions
Static techniques
Reviews and the test process
Review process
Objective/Scenario-Based Sample Questions
Test Design Techniques
Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
Categories of test design techniques
Specification-based or black box techniques
Structure-based or white box techniques
Objective/Scenario-Based Sample Questions
Test Management
Test organization
Test planning and estimation
Test progress monitoring and control
Configuration management
Risk and testing
Objective/Scenario-Based Sample Question
Tool support for testing
Types of test tools
Effective use of tools, potential benefits and risks
Introducing a tool into an organization