Product/System Testing


It has estimated that 80% of software projects that starts with high note never reaches the production stage i.e. software products are unusable; it does not function as expected because there is HUGE GAP between customer requirement and the actual implementation of the project. The remaining 20% that reaches production are not consistent with their functional behavior meaning it just throws unexpected errors when not expected thus providing customers with bitter experience and low confidence level for using the software application.

Product/System Testing - Answer to Software Success

Product/ System Testing play a vital for your software project success as it bridges the GAP between customer requirement and actual implementation of the software project.

It covers Functional testing, Integration testing, Compatibility testing and Usability testing with aim to provide a birds view for software product owners or management team about the quality of software product. The defects or bug reported during product testing would be tracked in our Defect Management Tool.

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- Ensures that software functions as per the requirement

- Provides valuable inputs or suggestion that would improve the quality of product

- Measure the current state of software product with Defect Management Tool

- Insight on Requirement Coverage with Test Case Management Tool

- Facilitates Management Team to take well informed decision for product rollout

Service Offerings

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Functional Testing
Integration Testing
Compatibility Testing
Usability Testing
Regression and Re-Testing
Test Deliverables
Test Plan
Test Cases/Test Scenarios
Defect List
Test Report
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