Test Automation


Today, everyone is looking forward to complete more work in less time same holds true for testing activity which requires testing the whole application (regression test) with a small change made in the application.

It becomes quite difficult to test the whole application manually especially in the Agile Process where there are short test cycles and clients are eager to view the working code at regular intervals.

Increasing the number of resource to test the whole application would increase the cost, so companies are looking for a solution that would ensure the testing is performed in less time with not much extra cost.

Test Automation - Solution for More Work in Less Time

Test Automation would help software companies or product owners to automate their manual testing activities with no major increase in the cost.

Test Automation is not considered as a replacement of manual testing efforts but in a way it supplements the manual testing activity. Manual testing efforts such as regression test (testing the whole application with small change) is a time consuming and repeatable task, so it makes sense to automate that aspect of the application

Test Automation is performed by Functional Testing Tools such as HP Quick Test Professional, Rational Robot, Silk Test and Selenium


- Reduce the overall software development cost as less resource would require in testing the application.

- Improves the Return Of Investment (ROI) in the long run

- Speeds up the testing activity which helps in meeting the expected deadline

- Guarantees Reliable and Accurate results, ensuring that it has not missed any defect or bug

- Reproducibility - Run the Test Script number of times without any human intervention

Our Expertise

We have a dedicated team of automation professionals with vast experience in working with automation tool such as HP Quick Test Professional, IBM Rational Robot, Silk Test and Selenium

We have also expertise in designing and implementing automation Framework such as Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid and HP Business Process Testing (BPT).

Service Offerings

-/+ Plan and Define the Scope
Design Automation Framework best suited for your application
Development of Automation Test Scripts
Execution and Maintenance